Shut Up, Get Lean:
How to Stop Simply Talking About Lean Manufacturing and Actually Start Building Your Culture of Continuous Improvement

By Ray Leathers and Susan A. Nally

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From the powerhouse team of Ray Leathers and Susan A. Nally — the visionary and the strategist who together transformed a manufacturing company’s culture and its balance sheet — comes a new book that’s as practical as it is purposeful.


Read the book and learn about …

  • Values
  • Culture setting
  • Efficiency systems
  • Simplification of Lean tools
  • Success strategies

Leathers and Nally offer straight talk about what works, and what can go wrong, then distill and simplify Lean tools and strategies for your rapid application. The book is broken into three engaging sections:

  1. Shutting Up: Listening to the Lessons that Can Transform Your Business
  2. Getting Lean: Tools, Systems and Strategies You Can Use
  3. Staying Inspired: Stories to Encourage and Guide You

“Straight talk and straight from the heart.
Written by a leader who has been there and done it!”
—Mike Carroll, President/CEO, Steel Technologies


A Call for All Business Leaders to Stop Talking and Start Doing

Shut Up, Get Lean offers a simple but bold challenge: Ignite a sustainable culture of continuous improvement at your organization using proven methods, repeatable steps and easy-to-implement mindset shifts. Author and renowned business leader Ray Leathers invites readers to follow what he calls the keys to workplace culture, and provides real-world examples of how it’s done and done well. His collaborator Susan A. Nally outlines the practical steps in implementing a sustainable web of Lean tools that improve morale, improve quality, and improve financial results.


More than just a “how to” manual on continuous improvement — a “been there, done that” insider account into the actions and lean strategies used to kindle the highly successful turnaround of a mid-sized US metal parts manufacturing company.


Authors Whose Results Speak for Themselves

Shut Up, Get Lean voices the personal experience realized in the transformative awakening of a business culture. The result? A workplace culture where engaged people worked together to transform their $25 million operation into a $125 million multi-site conglomerate, which is still growing and leading corporate profitability.

The standard explored in this inspiring, no-nonsense book provides a simple and powerful perspective on the importance of cultivating culture and its critical impact on your day-to-day operations. The reader can easily implement these concepts in any business environment.

Included in the book are numerous lean manufacturing concepts to help the leader implement the keys to workplace culture with a healthy dose of Lean thinking.


Engage the authors of Shut Up, Get Lean to consult on your projects, assess your organization or inspire your teams.

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