Ronda Abrams on Workplace Culture and Values

I recently came upon this excellent article by Ronda Abrams on the ways that workplace culture is defined and the real-world ways it matters to everyone in a workplace.

Abrams writes:

“When many people think of a company’s culture, they think of small things like whether employees are allowed to wear jeans or if the boss sometimes pays for pizza. But your company’s culture is less about superficial things than it is about what you and your business stand for — your business VALUES.”

Abrams goes on to define five characteristics of great company culture, as well as practical considerations and advice for business owners looking to enhance their company culture.

Abrams concludes:

“How you treat your employees may be reflected in how they treat you and your business and what kind of contribution you make to society. If you treat them with respect, pay them fairly and create a company culture in which they can grow, you not only improve your business, you change your world forever.”

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